Cashback World Update April 10

I leave this afternoon for an epic adventure.  You can watch me on Facebook, I will try to post maps of merchants in all the countries I visit.  And if you want to follow closer, my blog is – I just hope it works for me to post as often as I plan.  Otherwise you will hear from me again in June!
Happy Spring, everyone!  What do you need for spring?  Go shopping and earn some Cashback and Shopping Points!  Support your local merchants! 
  • Need some sod this spring?  YEG Big Lake Sod Depot will be open again for business in early May
  • What about your taxes?  I just met with Jacqueline at Altitude Accounting – looking forward to a LARGE income tax refund thanks to my home based business – that will help me with my trip!
  • Travelling?  I picked up my anti-jet lag pills at Health Matters and got some gift cards while I was there
  • Where are YOU shopping these days?  If you are planning to travel (maybe Florida or Prague?) make sure to use our merchants.
Did you hear about the new U-Term application for merchants?  Matthew gave us an overview on the Merchant Marketer webinar last night, it looks excellent!  He is definitely excited about it!  Check out the Monday webinars!
PLUS – there is a NEW promotion for Merchant Marketers and new Merchants!!  Not only is this FANTASTIC for new merchants – it is great for merchant marketers!  
A couple of updates:
1. Upcoming events:  

  • As our main speaker (Ken), is out of the country for a month, then I will be away as well, we have decided to cut back our webinars to Tuesdays only, at 7:00.  We will do a Biz Info, Q & A, shopping help – based on who is on the Zoom, go to for details.  Once we are back we will update the schedule
  • We learned about a new video this week, great overview (cute Australian accent and shows Australian money, but good video):
  • Also, this email will not be sent regularly (if at all) until June.  I will try to post on the various Facebook groups occasionally, especially if I find a great merchant on my travels. If  you have questions or want updates please contact Judy at
  • May 4-6 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Southern Florida – it was amazing in November, be sure to get your ticket (talk to your upline first).  See your online office for information.  And if you go – be sure to visit Espanola Way and check out all the great merchants there!
  • May 29-31 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Prague – unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Florida this spring, so I have decided to attend the seminar in Prague instead.  Is anyone planning to be there?  I would love to meet you there!
2. We have a new Zoom link for our webinars:  469-411-7269 or
Check for details 
3. There is a corporate Cashback Solutions Webinar on Mondays at 7:00 pm MT – go to to register. 
So we are not having Monday night Zooms right now.
4. Steven Melo from California created a new resource click here for a 4 minute overview video:  
There is a password for two further videos, let me know if you want access and I will send a private message for that.
5. I made a NEW Facebook Group: My Cashback Community.  I know there are a lot of groups already but this one hopefully will be a bit different, a place for sharing, tips, conversations, success stories, maybe a bit of fun. 

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