Cashback World Update August 21

How are your goals coming this month?  Remember, August is another Qualify and Confirm month!  Just one more week left!  What career level do YOU want to be?  Remember that if you promote to Career Level 3 or above you will be invited to the Leader Seminar in November in Miami!  Sweet!!
And the Cashback World Sticker challenge is just until the end of August also – great prizes!
One more plug for the Elite Seminar in Florida in November.  I do have tickets if you are looking.  

Go to our landing page for all the news and a quick way to access the Zoom link for our shopping clinics, and Chris has linked this to the feed for our Facebook page.  There are links there to the different Facebook groups – under resources.  Also downloads for the current resources.  Stay tuned for more!

See the home page for our schedule for our Zoom webinars, here is the link:


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