Cashback World Update December 2

Who did some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping?  I did!  Airfare, Christmas shopping and printer ink.  Got some good deals and of course cashback!
Now that the Elite Seminar is over and we are all back from Florida, it is time to go to work!  Can’t wait to build a shopping community here!!  If you weren’t in Miami Beach you may not have heard about the phenomenal success on a little street called Espanola Way (a cute pedestrian-only tourist/restaurant business area).  At the start of the Elite Seminar there were 2 great Cashback World restaurants on this street.  By the end of the weekend there were 4 merchants on that same street, and they did GREAT business over the weekend!  I suspect that by the next Elite seminar in May there will be MANY more merchants there – they are excited and committed to cross-promotion, awesome!  
A couple of updates:
1. We have a new Zoom link for our webinars:  469-411-7269 or
Check for details and schedule.  Our schedule also changed a bit.
2. I would love to help some of the local merchants experience more success with Cashback World.  If you are a merchant in the Edmonton area and would like to get together to see how we can help you, please reply so we can meet up!  I just received a new Shop Locally Flyer for Edmonton, I will add to resources here!  Looks great:)  Email me if you would like a copy sent to you.
3. And check out the NEW corporate website:
4. And in case you didn’t already know – this month is Qualify and Confirm!  Lots of people are looking for extra income this month, tax dedu
ctions before year end, cashback on their Christmas shopping!  Go for your goals!

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