Cashback World Update July 14

Here is what’s happening so far – updates, events, Zoom meetings and more!

Let me know if YOU have something to add here!

July is almost HALF WAY DONE!  Hard to believe.  Lots of time yet to share  your business: remember to take your business with you on the road.  Talk to people, check the app wherever you go, do your shopping at the stores that pay you!!  When you do business on a personal trip you can still claim at least a portion of the trip as a business expense!

Have you participated in the Sticker Challenge yet?  There is still time – I put mine at Health Matters, TCM Natural Health and Beauty, and Altitude Accounting.  The challenge runs until the end of August and there are some great prizes up for grabs!

And do YOU know about the Summer Special promotion for signing up Merchants?  Increased commissions until September 30th!  Plus everyone benefits when we add new merchants to our shopping community!

Marshall of the GWB site has added some new videos to the GWB Training Site.  If you don’t have access, talk to your recommender, or ask me about it.  Here is the first video:


a video to show your prospects to introduce them to the cash back side of the business.  There are also videos for Biz Info and White Label Solutions.

And Brittany of Your Shopping Community Powered by Global Wealth Builders Facebook group has created some training videos for shoppers.  Look in “Files”.

Well done Marshall and Brittany!


HUGE event this fall in Miami Florida:

**Update – I just got my coupon codes for this event (make sure you complete payment by July 18th if you bought the downpayment option).  I have a few extra tickets so if you don’t have another connection, please talk to me.**

**Also announced is the location, so we can be reserving hotel rooms.  If anyone has ideas about this let me know, it would be fun to stay together as a group.

October 31 – November 2 – Leader Summit (Open to Level 3 and above)

November 3-5 – Elite Seminar with Eric Worre (Open to all) – tickets are being reserved NOW – ask your leader for details about registering.


We have a new schedule for our Zoom webinars, see below

Monday and Thursday we have FREE LIVE Shopping Clinics online:

6:30 pm MT Shopping Clinic and Lyconet Intro

Learn how to shop the Cashback World Way, you have to spend money anyway, now get paid for it!
With our community, you can earn 1-5% cashback right back into your bank!  Then learn about the benefits of growing a Lyconet Business.

Tuesday Advanced Marketer Training:

7:00 pm MT – We will cover topics like the compensation plan, maximizing your balance program and more.

Wednesday Philippines market FREE LIVE info meeting:

7:00 pm MT (9:00 am THURSDAY Philippines) Business Info

Learn how growing a Lyconet Business can link OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) to their family at home, leveraging the difference in economies to benefit everyone!

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