Cashback World Update March 29

Happy Spring, everyone!  What do you need for spring?  Go shopping and earn some Cashback and Shopping Points!  Support your local merchants! 
  • Need some sod this spring?  YEG Big Lake Sod Depot will be open again for business in early May
  • What about your taxes?  I have an appointment this Friday at Altitude Accounting – looking forward to a LARGE income tax refund thanks to my home based business
  • Travelling?  I picked up my anti-jet lag pills at Health Matters and got some gift cards while I was there
  • Where are YOU shopping these days?  If you are planning to travel (maybe Florida or Prague?) make sure to use our merchants.
March is a FIVE week month – qualify and confirm!! – great for reaching your goals! – Production month ends on Sunday!!
PLUS – there is a NEW promotion for Merchant Marketers and new Merchants!!  Not only is this FANTASTIC for new merchants – it is great for merchant marketers!  
A couple of updates:
1. Upcoming events:  

  • As our main speaker (Ken), is out of the country for a month, then I will be away as well, we have decided to cut back our webinars to Tuesdays only, at 7:00.  We will do a Biz Info, Q & A, shopping help – based on who is on the Zoom, go to for details.  Once we are back we will update the schedule
  • We learned about a new video this week, great overview (cute Australian accent and shows Australian money, but good video):
  • Also, this email will not be sent regularly (if at all) until June.  I will try to post on the various Facebook groups occasionally, especially if I find a great merchant on my travels. If  you have questions or want updates please contact Judy at
  • May 4-6 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Southern Florida – it was amazing in November, be sure to get your ticket (talk to your upline first).  See your online office for information.  And if you go – be sure to visit Espanola Way and check out all the great merchants there!
  • May 29-31 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Prague – unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Florida this spring, so I have decided to attend the seminar in Prague instead.  Is anyone planning to be there?  I would love to plan with you!
2. We have a new Zoom link for our webinars:  469-411-7269 or
Check for details 
3. There is a corporate Cashback Solutions Webinar on Mondays at 7:00 pm MT – go to to register. 
So we are not having Monday night Zooms right now.
4. Steven Melo from California created a new resource click here for a 4 minute overview video:  
There is a password for two further videos, let me know if you want access and I will send a private message for that.
5. I made a NEW Facebook Group: My Cashback Community.  I know there are a lot of groups already but this one hopefully will be a bit different, a place for sharing, tips, conversations, success stories, maybe a bit of fun. 

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