Cashback World Updates October 20

What’s new in YOUR Cashback World?  The Miami Event is coming up SOON – I am getting excited!!  Got your ticket yet?  It’s not too late – ask me!!
There is a NEW resource for us, thanks to Michael Bridgmann and his team.  One Card Alliance on Facebook.  And the website:  He has created a very cool tool for collecting leads through a contest on  Go check it out! 
This month is a FIVE week production month, plus a QUALIFY AND CONFIRM month – what career level are you aiming for?  Maybe you can celebrate in Miami!!  And make sure to learn about the Spanish/Portugese Limited Edition Customer Cloud.  
Have you updated your Cashback World app?  It now has a map feature, which I really like.  Check it out!  Can’t wait to use in in Miami, there seem to be quite a few new merchants there.  It is great that we can earn cashback on our flight, hotel, car rental, meals and more – and still claim the trip as a tax deduction!  Super Sweet!!

Go to our landing page for all the news and a quick way to access the Zoom link for our shopping clinics.  There are links there to the different Facebook groups – under resources.  Also downloads for the current resources.  This update is also archived there.  Stay tuned for more!


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