It’s Tax Time

Okay, so I know TODAY is April 30, so you should really have your taxes done by now.  But if not, here is some help.

Did you know that we have many merchants who can help you?  I just did a search (Canada), and came up with 28 results when I put in “accounting” in the search bar:  See:

I personally use Altitude Accounting as they are near me and Jacqueline who works there has given us excellent customer service:  I am happy to share that we have received large tax refunds pretty much every year.

Large tax refunds?  Yes, do YOU know about the benefits of having a home based business?  I really believe that everyone should have some form of home business in order to use your home and combined expenses to reduce your taxable income.  And while you are building your business, before it turns a good profit – you can take advantage big time!  Once you to become more profitable, there are many deductions you can use to help offset that profit.

Travel for pleasure but include some business?  Or do you want to attend a company event and go on a side trip? (like when I went to Prague last year)  Use your car for business as well as pleasure?  How about your phone?  And internet, really all your home expenses.  Like to take courses?  Like to meet friends for coffee?  Need a new computer?  Many of these items can be partially or fully tax deductible!  I do recommend that you talk to an expert (I am not), but I will say that I read many years ago about the tax advantages of having a home business – and I have been receiving healthy tax refunds ever since.

I really don’t mind paying my share of taxes, but I do NOT want to pay MORE than my share!  If you would like to learn more, how about joining us on one of our info sessions Thursday evenings?  Check our events for details and a link to join.