Here you will find our weekly webinars for those who want to learn a bit about earning money with Cashback World, as well as local shopping events (such as Cashback Mobs)

New Events:

Well, this event is NOT for the casual shopper, I only include it here so you understand the scope of our company – especially the Europe events are HUGE!  I just attended one in Prague last spring, and it was amazing!

Lyconet Elite Seminar Germany

25-27 June, 2020

Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Online Seminars Schedule


TuesdaysProspecting Education
6:00 pm Mountain Time
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TuesdaysProspecting Live7:00 pm Mountain TimeClick HERE to join the Tuesday Webinar
ThursdaysBusiness Info Presentation7:30 pm Mountain TimeClick HERE to join the Thursday Webinar
Fridays (Only by appointment)Philippines Experience8:00 pm Mountain Time (11:00 am Saturday in the Philippines)Send message to

If this is the first time you have been on the ZOOM platform, you will be invited to download to your computer. Please allow a few extra minutes for this.