Exciting Cashback World News!

Okay, we are starting to get the updates now from Prague – are YOU excited?  I am!!  Here is what’s happening so far – updates, events, Zoom meetings and more!

First upcoming event in Vancouver THIS MONTH – if you haven’t heard about it check the links below:

Launch party for Cashback Italy at Autoform Performance May 27th

Cashback Card Business Mastery May 28th


The month of June will be a big one in the Lyconet world – great time to work on your promotion goals!

HUGE event in Miami Florida:

October 31 – November 2 – Leader Summit (Open to Level 3 and above)

November 3-5 – Elite Seminar with Eric Worre (Open to all) – tickets are being reserved NOW – ask your leader for details about registering.

Have you seen the new Cashback world branding?!?!?  I LOVE it.  This applies to the website and the cashback app.  The search function has changed somewhat on the website (join one of our Zoom shopping clinics to learn more)

There is also a brand new Lyconet app for your phone and tablet – this looks promising but I haven’t fully checked it out yet – does anyone have any comments or tips for use?

And new for our charities Greenfinity and Child and Family Foundations: you can earn Social Points for donations either on a monthly or one-time basis.  And those Social Points are included in your career calculations!  Cool!!

We have a few announcements:

Check out our new landing page www.mycashback.ca.  This will be a quick way to access the Zoom link for our shopping clinics, and Chris has linked this to the feed for our Facebook page.  There are links there to the different Facebook groups – under resources.  Also downloads for the current resources.  Stay tuned for more!

Shopping Cinics are on Zoom Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm MT, followed by Biz Info at 7:15 pm MT.  We will be starting back at the new Panciteria location but not quite yet.

We have also started to run Info sessions for the Philippines market.  Ken Purschke and Chris Simmons both have links to this community (via their beautiful wives) and see a great potential with benefits for all (especially huge benefits for those living in the Philippines).  We are running these Zoom calls at 7:00 MT on Wednesdays, which is 9:00 am on Thursday in the Philippines.

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