Many of the largest stores in Canada (and in other countries, too) are partners with Cashback World.  This is great for us – almost everyone in Canada lives near a Superstore/Loblaws, or a Shoppers Drug Mart, or a PetroCanada (to name just a few).  There are a few ways for you to obtain gift cards:

  1. Order on your online office (Cashback World website)
  2. Pick up gift cards at your local Gift Card Selling Point
  3. Place a monthly gift card order through Cashback World (I like this because it becomes my budgeting tool) (Easy Shop, see below)
  4. Place a monthly gift card order through our partner company Retail Rewards (includes gift cards for merchants not otherwise available through Cashback World)

And a couple of other things you can do:

  1. Refill your PetroCanada gift card
  2. Order E-gift cards


The following video includes: How to order gift cards online, how to re-load your PetroCanada gift card, how to set up a monthly gift card order with Retail Rewards, how to find a Gift Card Selling Point, and how to order E-gift cards.


You can get gift cards sent right to your home every month. I love this as it helps me with my budget.  I know how much I will spend on groceries, pharmacy and pizza every month.  The money comes out of my bank account on the first of the month, and I receive my gift cards by courier a few days later.  You can select your Easy Shop order to be processed on the 1st, the 20th, or both!  Minimum monthly order is $300.

To set this up you simply fill in one of the following forms (Canada):

  1. Easy Shop pdf order form
  2. Easy Shop online order form (English)
  3. Easy Shop online order form (French)