Cashback World Updates January 6

Okay, it is NOW a brand new year!  How about that?!  Do you have some big goals for 2018?  I do!    I even wrote a blog post on our website:
I didn’t get too specific on that post, but specific is also an important part of goal-setting.  A couple of specific things I want to accomplish this year within Cashback World (with your help?):
1. Build up the Edmonton area Cashback World MEMBERSHIP – FREE shoppers!  Let’s get our shoppers shopping!
2. Build up my team of Lyconet Markters – together, while helping YOUR Marketers too!  
3. Support our local SME Merchants and help new ones get started – let’s work together for happier merchants!!  (If you are a merchant reading this, please reach out to me so we can set up a meeting together!)
A couple of updates:
1. We have a new Zoom link for our webinars:  469-411-7269 or
Check for details and schedule – schedule is changing in the New Year. 
There is a corporate Cashback Solutions Webinar on Mondays (restarting January 8) at 7:00 pm MT – go to to register. 
So we are not having Monday night Zooms right now.
2. Well, we were going to have a social event in Edmonton last night, but too many people were sick or busy, so we have postponed it.  If you are interested in attending please send me a message with YOUR BEST DATES! – we would like to get together for a bit of socializing and if you are interested you could make a Vision Board.  Watch our Facebook Page  for updates, and join the group if you haven’t yet.
3. Upcoming events:  
  • January 26 – evening – event in Fort McMurray with the European Presidents.  watch GWB Facebook group for details 
  • March 4 – event in Fort McMurray with Corporate guests.  Again see GWB Facebook for details.
  • May 4-6 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Southern Florida – it was amazing in November, be sure to get your ticket (talk to your upline first).  See your online office for information
  • May 29-31 – Lyconet Elite Seminar in Prague – unfortunately I won’t be able to go to Florida this spring, so I have decided to attend the seminar in Prague instead.  Is anyone planning to be there?  I would love to plan with you!
4. And check out the NEW corporate website:

Arlene Laskey



Ken Purschke