Events are the Best!

As you may know, I just returned from Europe recently. My trip was in three parts:
1. An 800 km walk/pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago de Compostella) across Spain with my daughter – this was inspiring on many levels, I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you want to learn more you can go to my other blog:
2. A family holiday in Porto, Portugal – this was a chance to unwind after the Camino, a chance to see my husband after many weeks apart, and a good way to re-gain any weight I lost while walking. Porto is a lovely city, and I love the taste of port, so was quite happy there.
3. A business trip to Prague, Czech Republic – this was the company’s Elite Seminar. I love attending company events, I always find them educational and motivating. This one was exactly that, but on a grand scale. I had never attended such a large event – WOW!
If you have ever been to a concert or sporting event that housed about 15,000 (or more) fans, you have an idea of the power and energy of the group. The closest I have experienced before was the Tragically Hip concert I attended during their final tour.
In early May there had been a similar event in Florida, but I was in the middle of Spain at that time. However, when I looked at the calendar, the event in Prague worked out quite well. I even carved out one whole day to enjoy the city and do some walking tours (I had missed the walking). Prague is an amazing city – beautiful and very affordable. So much history too – the tour guides did a great job of bringing the history to life.
And what an event!!! The seminar in Florida was maybe 5-10% the size of the Prague event – 15,000 excited Lyconet marketers!
The biggest groups were from Italy and Poland. Huge teams with a lot of team spirit. Almost every country (of 47) were represented. I think I was the only Canadian. I felt a bit (okay a lot) overwhelmed. And a bit like some days on the Camino, when all you heard was non-English speakers.
Wow – the energy in the arena was outstanding! You couldn’t help but be swept up in the tide of positivity. I loved that.
This company knows how to put on a great event. The agenda included recognition, excellent training, exciting company news and programs, entertainment, motivational success stories from leaders, a visionary company leader who thinks everything about our company is “super sexy”, and some truly WOW moments (picture a Formula One race car 

being lowered from the ceiling)! It was all fabulous.
And after hours there were optional events – a VIP party and a Presidents party. I went to one party, it was definitely outside my comfort zone, but I’m glad I went. I met some Australians and they kind of adopted me – it was refreshing to speak English. And I did talk to some Presidents (top rank in our company). They were very encouraging. One told me that he went to his first event by himself, then the next with 3. Now he had 300 at this event and he is near the top of the company. Wow!
But of course all the informative and motivation gained at an event will not be of value unless acted upon. So now I need to get to work. Are you with me?