Cashback News for June and more!

Here is what’s happening so far – updates, events, Zoom meetings and more!

**LAST WEEKEND**  Fabulous event in Vancouver and Abbotsford – thanks to Michael, George, Samara, Tim, Shawn, Alan, Walter, Helfried, Silvio and all the other presenters, helpers and attendees!  I am so happy I invested the time and money to attend!

**THIS WEEKEND** – Edmonton Business Info – the Fort McMurray team is taking their wildly successful Biz Info on the road – coming to Edmonton Saturday June 3 at 3:00 pm.  Guests free, leaders contribute $15 to help cover costs.  Here is the link to the eventbrite registration page:

The month of June will be a big one in the Lyconet world – great time to work on your promotion goals!  In case you haven’t heard – Qualify = Confirm for the month of June!  PLUS – the Italian Customer Cloud makes it’s debut!!

HUGE event this fall in Miami Florida:

October 31 – November 2 – Leader Summit (Open to Level 3 and above)

November 3-5 – Elite Seminar with Eric Worre (Open to all) – tickets are being reserved NOW – ask your leader for details about registering.

Have you seen the new Cashback world branding?!?!?  I LOVE it.  This applies to the website and the cashback app.  The search function has changed somewhat on the website (join one of our Zoom shopping clinics to learn more)

There is also a brand new Lyconet app for your phone and tablet – this looks promising but I haven’t fully checked it out yet – does anyone have any comments or tips for use?

And new for our charities Greenfinity and Child and Family Foundations: you can earn Social Points for donations either on a monthly or one-time basis.  And those Social Points are included in your career calculations!  Cool!!

See our home page for links to all the Shopping Clinics and other Zoom meetings.

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