Hi there, this is a different update as our website is being re-constructed and updated.  It will be short so I can get back to work on the website!

This website,, is now focused on shoppers:  shopping smarter with cashback, learning how to shop, supporting our shoppers, supporting our local merchants (SHOP LOCAL), starting a cashback revolution!

So my topics here will be things like:

  • Double dipping for even more value
  • Planning your next vacation using Cashback World
  • Healthy living with Cashback World
  • Planning a wedding with Cashback World
  • Shopping testimonials
  • Shop local, shop smart

And of course you can make suggestions, submit ideas or even send me your own blog entry – I will give you credit but reserve the right to edit it:) Click HERE to contact me.

Okay, back to work on this website!

Why go to Miami?

This week I want to do something a bit different.  How about a Top Ten List?


  1. Learn from Eric Worre, one of the best trainers in Network Marketing!
  2. Mix it up with leaders from all over North America and beyond!  Get to meet those people you have been seeing on webinars!
  3. Spend time with your team – trips are the best way to bond and build community – hugs are better in person!
  4. Find out the latest and greatest news from the company first hand!
  5. Swag!
  6. Use your Cashback App to find a local Florida merchant!
  7. Collect some Cashback and Shopping Points for your travel – which is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
  8. Spend the first part of our Canadian cold season in sunny Florida!
  9. Walk to the beach after the meetings are done for the day!
  10. It’s always a good time to travel!  And did you see we NOW HAVE ONLINE AIRLINE TICKET MERCHANTS!

Still need a ticket?  Ask me about it!

And put your own reasons below!!

Arlene Laskey