Cashback World Updates August 14

How are your goals coming this month?  Remember, August is another Qualify and Confirm month!  What career level do YOU want to be?  Remember that if you promote to Career Level 3 or above you will be invited to the Leader Seminar in November in Miami!  Sweet!!
I’ve noticed some posts on Facebook from the MotoGP event – they are signing up Cashback World members like crazy!  Can you imagine what that will be like when they come to North America?  Exciting stuff!
One more plug for the Elite Seminar in Florida in November.  I do have tickets if you are looking.  
Does anyone still have stickers for the sticker challenge?  Remember to do that before the end of the month so you can be in the draw for awesome prizes!

We have a new schedule for our Zoom webinars, see below


Monday and Thursday we have FREE LIVE Shopping Clinics online:

6:30 pm MT Shopping Clinic and Lyconet Intro

Learn how to shop the Cashback World Way, you have to spend money anyway, now get paid for it!
With our community, you can earn 1-5% cashback right back into your bank!
  Then learn about the benefits of growing a Lyconet Business.

We host all meetings on Zoom, just click on this link at the correct time and you will join the meeting:

You can attend on a computer, tablet or phone.


Tuesday Advanced Marketer Training:

7:00 pm MT – We will cover topics like the compensation plan, maximizing your balance program and more.


Wednesday Philippines market FREE LIVE info meeting:

7:00 pm MT (9:00 am THURSDAY Philippines) Business Info

Learn how growing a Lyconet Business can link OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) to their family at home, leveraging the difference in economies to benefit everyone!


 Arlene Laskey



Ken Purschke


Cashback World Update!!

Here is what’s happening so far – updates, events, Zoom meetings and more!

**LAST WEEKEND** – Edmonton Business Info – the Fort McMurray team took their wildly successful Biz Info on the road – and came to Edmonton.  Thanks for sharing, it was a great presentation.  I look forward to the next one!

**NEXT LIVE Business Info in Edmonton by the Fort McMurray group:  June 20 at 7:30 pm.  Look for more details SOON!

This weekend is the Lyoness Open!  Anyone know if it is on any North American channels?  And the MotoGP event in Barcelona is gearing up to register plenty of Spanish shoppers!

The month of June will be a big one in the Lyconet world – great time to work on your promotion goals!  In case you haven’t heard – Qualify = Confirm for the month of June!  PLUS – the Italian Customer Cloud makes it’s debut!!

HUGE event this fall in Miami Florida:

October 31 – November 2 – Leader Summit (Open to Level 3 and above)

November 3-5 – Elite Seminar with Eric Worre (Open to all) – tickets are being reserved NOW – ask your leader for details about registering.


Have you seen the new Cashback world branding?!?!?  I LOVE it.  This applies to the website and the cashback app.  The search function has changed somewhat on the website (join one of our Zoom shopping clinics to learn more)

There is also a brand new Lyconet app for your phone and tablet – this looks promising but I haven’t fully checked it out yet – does anyone have any comments or tips for use?


And new for our charities Greenfinity and Child and Family Foundations: you can earn Social Points for donations either on a monthly or one-time basis.  And those Social Points are included in your career calculations!  Cool!!

Events from this site:  there is quick access the Zoom link for our shopping clinics and meetings from the home page, and Chris has linked this to the feed for our Facebook page.  There are links there to the different Facebook groups – under resources.  Also downloads for the current resources.  Stay tuned for more!

Shopping Cinics are on Zoom Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm MT, followed by Biz Info at 7:15 pm MT.  We will be starting back at the new Panciteria location but not quite yet.  I visited them today, great new location on the West End of Edmonton!

We have also started to run Info sessions for the Philippines market.  Ken Purschke and Chris Simmons both have links to this community (via their beautiful wives) and see a great potential with benefits for all (especially huge benefits for those living in the Philippines).  We are running these Zoom calls at 7:00 MT on Wednesdays, which is 9:00 am on Thursday in the Philippines.

We host all meetings on Zoom, just click on this link at the correct time and you will join the meeting:

You can attend on a computer, tablet or phone.


Arlene Laskey




Ken Purschke