Cashback World Updates December 9

Who is all finished their Christmas shopping?  How much cashback did you get?  I still have lots of shopping to do.  I also like to order a photo Christmas card from Vistaprint and stamps from Canada post (for cashback of course).  

Remember that this is a FIVE WEEK production month PLUS Qualify and Confirm!  Lots of people are looking for extra income this month, tax deductions before year end, cashback on their Christmas shopping!  Go for your goals!
A couple of updates:
1. We have a new Zoom link for our webinars:  469-411-7269 or
Check for details and schedule.  
**NO WEBINAR from DECEMBER 20 – JANUARY 3!  We will resume on January 4th**
2. Anyone who lives in the Edmonton area – we would like to get together for a bit of socializing and maybe some brainstorming – please reply if you are interested.  We were thinking either December 15 (Friday evening), or December 27 (Wednesday evening).  We could do a dinner somewhere, or just drop in to my house in north Edmonton.  
3. And check out the NEW corporate website:

Arlene Laskey



Ken Purschke