Cashback World Update August 26

Here are the updates from the Edmonton Team – join us this week online or in person
Wow, the month of August is almost over already – and in the Lyconet world, we start September already on Monday (at least for purpose of monthly compensation)

This Wednesday will will be meeting at the Panciteria de Manila restaurant for dinner at 6:30 and Zoom at 7:00 – hope you can make it!

(Zoom dependant on the facility – we haven’t tried a Zoom there yet so are not sure how it will work out.  text me at 780-863-0504 if you are trying to join)

Address: 15326 Stony Plain Rd Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y7

Another plug for the Elite Seminar in Florida in November.  I do have tickets if you are looking.  

BIG NEWS!  YEG Big Lake Sod Depot Edmonton is now a Gift Card Selling Point Merchant – watch for gift card sales at our local events!!

While you are here, check out the rest of our resources:  a quick way to access the Zoom link for our shopping clinics, links to the different Facebook groups – under resources.  Also downloads for the current resources.  Stay tuned for more!

See the schedule for our Zoom webinars on the home page


 Arlene Laskey



Ken Purschke