Traveling with Cashback World

Do you love to travel?  I sure do. And to make your travel experience even better, it is great to get CASHBACK on many of your travel expenses! Here are my Top Ten tips to do just that. Start with your plan. Where are you going?  How are you going to get there?  You can … Read moreTraveling with Cashback World

Events are the Best!

As you may know, I just returned from Europe recently. My trip was in three parts: 1. An 800 km walk/pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago de Compostella) across Spain with my daughter – this was inspiring on many levels, I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you want to learn more you can go to my other blog: … Read moreEvents are the Best!

Cashback World Update June 9

My amazing adventure to Europe is now finished, and I am starting my amazing adventure to help build Cashback World in Canada!  Want to help?!  My pilgrimage in Spain was amazing, I had a wonderful time in Portugal drinking port and being a tourist, and then I had a FABULOUS experience in Prague at the Lyconet … Read moreCashback World Update June 9

Cashback World Update April 10

I leave this afternoon for an epic adventure.  You can watch me on Facebook, I will try to post maps of merchants in all the countries I visit.  And if you want to follow closer, my blog is – I just hope it works for me to post as often as I plan.  Otherwise you will … Read moreCashback World Update April 10

Cashback World Update March 29

Happy Spring, everyone!  What do you need for spring?  Go shopping and earn some Cashback and Shopping Points!  Support your local merchants!  Need some sod this spring?  YEG Big Lake Sod Depot will be open again for business in early May What about your taxes?  I have an appointment this Friday at Altitude Accounting – looking forward to a … Read moreCashback World Update March 29