Cashback World Update June 9

My amazing adventure to Europe is now finished, and I am starting my amazing adventure to help build Cashback World in Canada!  Want to help?! 
My pilgrimage in Spain was amazing, I had a wonderful time in Portugal drinking port and being a tourist, and then I had a FABULOUS experience in Prague at the Lyconet Elite Seminar!  Here are some observations:
  • The biggest groups were from Italy and Poland. Huge teams with a lot of team spirit. Almost every country (of 47) were represented. I think I was the only Canadian. I felt a bit (okay a lot) overwhelmed. And a bit like some days on the Camino, when all you heard was non-English speakers.
  • Wow – the energy in the arena was outstanding! You couldn’t help but be swept up in the tide of positivity. I loved that.
  • This company knows how to put on a great event. The agenda included recognition, excellent training, exciting company news and programs, entertainment, motivational success stories from leaders, a visionary company leader who thinks everything about our company is “super sexy”, and some truly WOW moments (picture a Formula One race car being lowered from the ceiling)! It was all fabulous.
  • And after hours there were optional events – a VIP party and a Presidents party. I went to one party, it was definitely outside my comfort zone, but I’m glad I went. I met some Australians and they kind of adopted me – it was refreshing to speak English. And I did talk to some Presidents (top rank in our company). They were very encouraging. One told me that he went to his first event by himself, then the next with 3. Now he had 300 at this event and he is near the top of the company. Wow!
But of course all the informative and motivation gained at an event will not be of value unless acted upon. So now I need to go to work!  
So – what’s new with Lyconet and Cashback World?  Plenty!  Here are a few of the updates:
  • Big news about a great promotion for new Cashback World merchants: Start for FREE at the Light level, HALF PRICE for Basic and Professional!  That is amazing!  Do you know anyone with a small to medium sized business that could benefit from more customers, promotion of their business, their own loyalty program?  This is a limited time offer, so don’t delay!  Contact one of us if you need help with this!
  • Our company is really on the cutting edge of technology – the new EYETIME app will be huge – social media, communication, and so much more – even an emergency feature!  Go to for more information.  If you are a marketer you can download the app now and get advance access to the early edition.
  • Did you know that we now have 90,000 merchants and 9.5 million shoppers?!  Amazing!
  • Do you have the Lyconet app?  It has been updated with new videos for training and for sharing with prospects.
  • The new U-Term is available for merchants now, should make things better for them.
  • I was so impressed to hear about upcoming Child and Family Foundation/Greenfinity projects – doing good with every purchase!
  • Something big is coming called eCredits – again with cutting edge technology and vision, and a new way to get paid!
  • Our online office now has Eric Worre Training modules!  There are a LOT of them, even at the “light” level, which is free if you are on Easy Shop Plus.  But if you have the “professional” level, there is even more.
  • Go to to see the new landing page with some really great information about network marketing and Lyconet.
  • There is a new way to SHOP coming!  Starting in Europe, but soon to come to Canada – e-vouchers!  You can create a voucher and pay on your smart phone, even with a credit card!
  • is expanding, check it out!
  • Do you know about White Label Solutions and Clouds?  Things are changing here as well, with a different kind of cloud.  
  • There are HUGE events coming up in the fall – September in Krakow, Poland; and October in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.  Make plans NOW to attend.  
  • Go to for more information and a new video for free shopping.
Wow, that’s a lot of news.  And I tried to keep it brief!  
And locally?  Well, we want to support and expand our local merchant network.  If you are a local merchant, please let me know what we can do to support you.  We are planning to develop a card to hand out to customers to cross-promote the businesses and encourage shopping.  Would YOU like to get paid when your customers shop at other stores?  And I would like to have some live events in the next few weeks – to introduce people to our business, to support merchants, and to train marketers.  Maybe something for fun too.  Stay tuned!
And we are still having our Zoom calls on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Come check it out.  The schedule and links are at
There is a corporate Cashback Solutions Webinar on Mondays at 7:00 pm MT – go to to register. 
Keep shopping, need anything for Father’s Day?
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In case you didn’t see it yet, Steven Melo from California created a new resource click here for a 4 minute overview video:

There is a password for two further videos, let me know if you want access and I will send a private message for that.

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