The Changing World of Shopping


Remember when you used to go to the store, put items in your shopping cart, go to the check-out line, have everything added up on a “cash register”, paid with CASH, and maybe even had the items brought out to your car (does anyone remember parcel pickup at Safeway?  They would bring my groceries and give my kids candy).

This morning I ordered my groceries online at, this afternoon I will park in the designated spot and again will have my groceries brought out to my car.  This time I will pay with gift cards of course, to get my cashback and shopping points.  So some things have changed (they way we shop and pay), and some have looped back around (the service).  I don’t always use this service, but I do appreciate it on days that I am busy.  And for a young family it could be a godsend – you don’t even have to take the babies out of the car seats!

How else has shopping changed?  I’m not even limiting this to Cashback World, though I believe we are leading the way.  Ordering food has changed – with Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes.  Even the fact that so many more people eat out.  When I was a kid, we almost always ate at home, Mom or Dad did the cooking, “TV dinners” were a rare treat, and there weren’t even very many restaurants in our town (Kentucky Fried Chicken was brand new, and there was a bakery where we ogled the doughnuts and long johns, and a Chinese Food diner at the local hotel. When we traveled we stopped at the Voyageur for a hamburger deluxe).  Maybe you aren’t all as old as I am, but I am sure you will agree that dining out is a much larger part of our lives today.  Now we can dine at Cashback merchants and use our app/card to get our benefits, or use a gift card for Cara group, Earl’s, Pizza 73, or Subway. Soon we will be able to pay with the eVoucher on our Cashback World app – this is already a possibility in USA and Europe.  I am excited for how easy it will be be – this will open many doors to increase our shopping volume!

And what about shopping we do for other things?  Who shops online?  This avenue has greatly increased in the last few years.  And it is so easy with Cashback World to get your benefits from the online shops.  If you aren’t sure how, go to our online shopping tutorials.  Remember all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales will be coming up soon – be ready to take advantage of that.  And you can look for “current offers” under the “promotions and deals” tab on your cashback website – any time!

Gas stations have changed a lot also.  Remember when they used to fill up your tank for you, and clean your windshield?  Does Domo still “jump to the pump”?  Not sure.  Now I pay at the pump with my Petro Points card, then my Preferred Price card, then my Gift Card – I love the convenience, I don’t even have to go in the store!

Isn’t it great to turn your everyday expenses into cash in your pocket?  Isn’t it great to know that every time you shop within our network you are building your future?  Isn’t it nice to know that we are a Shopping Community? Isn’t it nice to know that WE can have an impact on our Shopping Community (by signing on new merchants, shoppers and marketers)?  There is Win-Win-Win-Win in everything we do, from the shopper getting benefits, to the marketer earning income, to the merchant promoting his business, to the charities doing good for children and the planet, to the company and all the staff – everyone part of our Community!