The Magic of Double Dipping

What is double dipping, you ask?  That is when you get to take advantage of more than one offer at the SAME TIME!  That is a great thing about Cashback World, we have lots of opportunities to double dip.

Here are some examples:

  • Using your PC Optimum Card at Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, and their affiliates while shopping with gift cards
  • Use your Petro Points card at PetroCanada when gassing up with a gift card (purchased or reloaded)
  • Use your Scene Points card at Cineplex, Cara group restaurants, and more
  • Earn Air Miles or other rewards on your credit card when you shop online at ANY Cashback World online merchant OR ANY Cashback Card merchant
  • Earn Canadian Tire money when you shop at Canadian Tire with your gift cards
  • Earn free Hotel rooms by reserving on
  • Earn points on many of the online merchant sites, such as Yes Wellness, Travelocity

All while earning Cashback and Shopping Points!  WOW!

Speaking of Shopping Points, what does double dipping look like there?

  • You can USE your Shopping Points at any merchant offering a Shopping Point Deal, not just the place where you earned the points
  • PLUS while you are shopping to redeem your Shopping Points – you are earning MORE Points!

Have YOU figured out any other ways to Double Dip?  We’d love to hear your ideas, put it in the comments or “Contact Us”

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