Travel with Cashback

Travel’s better with Cashback!

Well, isn’t everything better with Cashback?  Do you travel?  Would you like to travel more?  If you are a savvy traveler who likes to save a few bucks on the whole experience- Cashback is for you!

Chihuly Gardens right by the Space Needle – amazing!

I recently went on a short get-away with my husband to Seattle. I was able to get quite a bit of Cashback along the way, at the same time feeling I got good deals, and we had a great time. Here’s how it broke down:

Airfare (FlightHub – online) – $19.98

Hotels ( partly online and partly eVoucher) – $39.85

            *eVouchers gives you more cashback with, but you can’t use for all hotels.  When you do your hotel search, click on “payment preferences” and choose Pay with gift card

Entertainment Book (online) – $1.80

Seattle Mariners – I love baseball!

Tickets to Mariners baseball game (Ticket Network- online) – $6.35

Car rental ( – online) – $7.30

CVS Pharmacy (eVoucher) – $.59

P.F. Chang (eVoucher) – $1.65

Starbucks (eVoucher) – we were in Seattle after all – $.49

Watching Mark Knopfler concert  on a hillside at a winery with a bottle of wine and my husband – priceless (no Cashback)

Mark Knopfler concert at Ste Michelle Winery in Woodinville

Yes I could have done a bit more, maybe found some Cashback Card shops, could definitely have used some more eVouchers at restaurants and shops. Or maybe some Groupon deals. But that’s okay. I wasn’t making it a job – I was on vacation. Cashback is bonus!  And it does add up!  $78 cashback is better than a kick in the butt, right?

Next time you go on a trip, I challenge you to maximize your Cashback- let me know how you do!